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          Encyclopedia ofBullseye Pistol The Oldest and Most Popular Internet-Based Information Resource on NRA Precision Pistol Shooting, the World's Greatest Sport!

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          Get Into BullseyePistol Shooting by Sherwood Veith
          American Rifleman'sBullseye Basics by Charles Petty
          NRA's IntroductoryInformation on the Sport
          Tips for BullseyeShooting by Frank Higginson
          The Cause forCompetition by Jake Shevlin
          NRA's Tips on Being a GoodCompetitor
          A Secret to Shooting HighScores by Jake Shevlin
          Proper Etiquette forCompetitors by Ron Porter
          Bullseye Pistol Primer by Mike LaVoie
          Outdoor Bullseye Pistol Shooting by Frank Savino
          TheEssential Bullseye Equipment *
          Don't Compromise on Equipment by Randy Pafford
          The Custom-Built Bullseye Gun by Larry Leutenegger
          Troubleshooting andPreventingMalfunctions *
          Facts and FiguresAbout Red Dot Sights *
          The Benefits of CustomAnatomical Grips *
          ArmyMarksmanshipTraining Guide
          A Fundamentals Clinic by Brian Zins
          Focus on the Fundamentals by Ron Steinbrecher
          Bullseye Pistol Basics by Allen Fulford
          Three Lessons by Bill Blankenship
          Application of the Fundamentals by the USAMU
          Goal Setting and Training by Mario Lozoya
          Method of Aiming the Red Dot Sight by Brian Zins
          Advanced Beginner Q&A by Jim Henderson
          Strength and Stamina of the Pistol Shooter *
          Error Analysis and Correction by the USAMU
          Fundamentals of Pistol Marksmanship by Bill Joyner
          Mastering the Rapid Fire Stage by David Cartes
          The Attributes of a Champion Shooter by the USAMU
          The True Fundamentals by Greg Derr
          MentalAspects of MatchShooting by Joe White
          ISSF Guide to SportPsychology in Competitive Shooting
          The Psychology ofRoutine by Don Nygord
          The Art of ShootingUnder Pressure by Dr. Lundeberg
          Staying Focused DespiteMatch Pressure *
          Achieving the 'Zone' in Shooting by Dave Salyer
          Sleeping Well Before a Big Match by Dr. E. Somer
          Introductionto"Zen in Shooting" *
          What is Zen? ShootingMeets EverydayLife *
          Beginning Zen in the Artof Shooting *
          Zen Elements of TrueShooting by Earl Hartman
          "Issha Zetsumei" - CorePhilosophy ofShooting *
          Zen Practice, Actionand Life inShooting *
          A Brief History of Zen:Origins andEvolution *
          Recommended AdditionalReading on Zen *
          OfficialNRA Precision Pistol Rulebook
          OfficialCMP Rules for EIC Competitions
          NRA NationalChampionship MatchBulletins
          NRA'sNational Conventional Pistol Records
          Studio-Recorded Audio Files of Range Commands *
          Software Tools forMatch Directors *
          Biography of William McMillan
          James E. Clark - A Bullseye Legend
          The Legendary Pistol of Charles Askins
          Chris Johnson: Making Master in One Year
          Army Marksmanship Unit Champion Profiles
          Determinethe Best Diet - ForYour Pistol *
          Vision Topics for Pistol Shooters by Dr. Norman Wong
          Reloading Data for Pistol Competition
          Maintaining Your Hammerli 208s by Larry Carter
          M-1911 Pistol Lubrication by Ed Masaki
          Restrictions for a CMP (EIC) "Service Pistol"
          Solutions for Malfunctions by Dave Salyer
          Know All the Rules of Gun Safety
          Quotes from Scholars of Gun Control
          The Real Causes of Crime, Not Guns by David Kopel
          The False Promise of Gun Control by Daniel Polsby
          More Research Data from the NRA-ILA
          Items to promote our chosen sport!
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